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Giant Keto is a revolutionary, BHB keto supplement that can get you into a state of ketosis in under an hour, and help keep you on your ketogenic diet.

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Giant Sports knows a ketogenic diet can be difficult. We're in your corner, offering tips, recipes and information to help you reach your goals.

How to Make Your Ketogenic Diet a Success

It's no secret, ketogenic diets can be strict and difficult to follow.  It takes preparation and focus, and requires you to really watch what you e...

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BHB and the Benefits of Taking BHB Salt Products

BHB is an acronym for “Beta Hydroxybutyrate” – one of the three ketone bodies that are naturally produced as your body metabolizes fat for use as f...

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Exogenous Ketones and Peetosis

A common question that arises with our BHB product, as well as other brands', is whether the exogenous ketones you get actually help with ketosis, ...

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Keto Shopping List

Your ketogenic diet isn't just bacon, eggs and cheese.  Take a look at our list of keto-friendly ingredients that will break up the monotony and ke...

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Third-Party Resources

Don't just take our word for it!  See some reviews and information from reputable websites in the industry covering ketosis and Giant Keto.

Tiger Fitness

Check out our in-depth article on BHB and Ketosis on TigerFitness.com!  The article was written by our very own, Bruce Kneller.


Our friends at PricePlow did an in-depth review and study using Giant Keto!  See their results and thoughts on Giant Keto.

Fitness Informant

Fitness Informant rates Giant Keto on effectiveness, taste and value.  See what they thought in this in-depth review.